Song of the Week – Week 23 winners

This week’s round of Song of the Week
was one of the closest of recent history. All of the tracks were
excellent, and as a result the top two tracks tied in total points (a
tiebreaker was necessary) and the next five tracks were separated by a
total of five points.

For those who don’t know, Song of the Week is a friendly competition
designed to showcase more obscure music. Anyone can submit a track (new
nominators’ tracks are automatically considered in the upcoming week),
and the top eight tracks in the queue are selected each week to be
voted upon by anyone who wants to pick his/her favorites.
In third place was “Koroku’s Theme” from Genso Suikoden III Music
Collection ~Rustling of the Wind~, a jazzy arrangement of the original
theme. Relaxing saxophone lines and smooth percussion combine to form a
mellow, laid-back vibe.

The second place track was “L Map (General)” from Tengai
Makyo II Manjimaru Original Soundtrack, originally composed by the
noted Japanese film composer Joe Hisaishi. Its lighthearted orchestral fare
won the hearts of this week’s voters.

This week’s overall winner was “Pop Station – Track 4” from The
Sims 2. It has relatively simple guitar, string, synth, and percussion
lines, but they’re flipped and switched throughout the piece to give a
flowing groove that doesn’t get boring.

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