VGMix 3.0 – ETA January 8, 2007


“The better part of a year has passed with
no updates from us, just a lot of cheerleading. We’ve never attempted
ANYTHING of this magnitude before. We have been silent about our ETA to
avoid any disappointment or loss of credibility if we blew the target
date. More like Duke VGMix Forever, right? This whole thing is
incredibly difficult for a team of guys with full-time jobs and, for a
few of us (not me), even social lives!

“Excuses aside, it’s INSANE that it’s taken this long,
and I apologize. I had hoped to relaunch mid-year at the latest, but it
just didn’t happen – we have changed our approach a few times, written
hundreds of pages of documentation, even switched programming languages
and adopted a web framework so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel
with databases and templating.

“Our feature list has not
changed, and our goals of security, speed, and expandability are
finally being addressed. With our truly amazing programmers, I’m proud
to say that we’re actually getting stuff done.

“So, here it is. Our ETA. January 8, 2007.

“Seems like forever, but it’s only a few months. It’s the day after we return from Magfest.
An ETA is of course an ESTIMATE, and with work and life how it is,
anything could come up. But we deeply, truly believe in this site, and
we’re not going to give up – no matter how long it takes. For the first
time in my life I’m able to afford the server comfortably, so no
donations are needed right now.

“We need sufficient time to work
out the bugs in beta, which will be conducted with a small number of
regulars – We need people we know personally who can thoroughly
describe how stuff breaks, and who know the site backwards and forwards.

more unfortunate reason we withheld an ETA is the jerk factor. There
are folks out there – the same who brought down 2.0 – who like to
sabotage things just because they can, and then laugh about it.
Launching unexpectedly would help rule out any planned disruptions. But
honestly, if people want to break our stuff, they’ll probably break it.
We’ll just do the best we can. With our new web host and vastly
improved security, we can lock things down a lot better now, if it
should come to that.

“So hang in there. We’re coming back very, very soon!”