Sakari Competitions and More

I know you all at thasauce just love to get music news, so here is what Sakari is currently up to. This will interest you one way
or another – if you don’t feel like participating then that’s ok,
because you’ll love to listen.
Sakari Music Package
Completion: ~ 51%
Release Date: Not Available
Project Size: Very Large
is a compilation of music aimed at in-game use. This will cover every
type of music that someone using an application such as RPG Maker could
ever want. In fact, it’s completely possible to replace the entire RPG
Maker music RTP with the Sakari Music Package. Anyone and everyone is
encouraged to participate as they like.

Undiscovered Villages
Completion: 12.5%
Release Date: ~ Nov 10, 2006
Project Size: Small-Medium
will be a compilation of music from musicians on the site of music fit
for villages. Again, this is aimed at in-game use. The Package consists
of 8 tracks, added to the package on an as-submitted basis. As with the
Sakari Music Package, everyone who is interested is encouraged to join
in and submit a piece.

Music Competition – October
Completion: Not Applicable
Submission Dates: Oct 25 – Oct 31
Project Size: Medium
in other months, the staff members at Sakari have gotten together to
host a music competition. This month it’s a chilling theme to fit the
time of year. Looks like we’ll have a good number of entries, so finish
your entry up so that you can compete this month!