M5 Add/Drop, just like in College ™

From the MAGFest Forums:

“Hello, fellow gamers. We have some bad news, some good news, and a special treat. Let’s not waste any time and get this over with.
The Bad:
The Minibosses have informed us that they’re taking a break from playing live shows for a little while. The downer is that MAGFest is right in the middle of their break and therefore they will not be playing. There’s still a possibility that you will see one or two of the guys at the festival (probably playing Kart DS). Additionally, we’ve removed Search Snake from the lineup, but we’re hoping they will return for a future MAGFest.

The Good:
We have two new bands taking their place! Please welcome Armcannon and Year 200X to the MAGFest concert lineup. They’re great guys, and we have proof they put on a rockin’ show. Check out the links, go to their website to see what kind of stuff they play, learn all their names (hmm, maybe I should do that too) and such!

So you know, we’ve just now made all these changes, and we don’t quite know who’s playing which nights yet because of it. We’ll try and get the final schedule posted this week for the entire festival so you can plan accordingly.

The Special:
Remember how we try to do something cool for MAGFest attendees every year? Well, this year the first chunk of paid preregistrations will receive a supercool, special, shiny, attention-getting dogtag in addition to a regular festival badge. It’s made of METAL. And so are the bands. I think our consoles and computers are too. So now, you too can be made of METAL. Prereg as soon as you can to ensure you get one, I think we’re looking at about a dozen or so preregs remaining that will receive dogtags!

Don’t forget! The hotel deadline is about a week away! Get your room if you haven’t! See “Information” on the left for the link [here], or call them up and tell them you’re coming for MAGFest.”