CMC 3: Snow

The theme for the next round of CMC: Conceptual Music Competition has been chosen and posted by last round’s winner, Abadoss. This round’s theme is “Snow” and here’s the description:

“Autumn has passed and winter descends upon the world. Snow has fallen upon the fields, transforming them into seas of white, and upon the trees, turning them to living clouds sitting low on the horizon.”

Entries are due on Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 11:59 PM (PST, GMT-8).

For more details, please visit the CMC thread in General Discussion on the OCR forums.

Based on the rules of the original TOMC, the CMC (Conceptual Music Competition) is designed so that each participant enters a piece of music based on a set theme. The participants take the theme and interpret it as they will to come up with something that fits. Any style can work, as long as it portrays a sense of what the theme is.

Official Rules!:

  1. Each piece must be originally composed for this competition. Arrangements and remixes will not be accepted. (Pieces composed by the participant prior to the competition will not be accepted.)
  2. Each piece must be 2:00 or longer and match the competition theme.
  3. Only one entry per person. Collaborations will be allowed, but each collaborator may not submit any other pieces. (This also means that a person cannot collaborate on two or more different pieces at the same time.)
  4. A link to the entry piece must be PMed to Abadoss prior to the deadline set for each competition. DO NOT POST THE LINK IN THE THREAD! However, feel free to post in the WIP:Other forum.
  5. Important: Each file must be labelled accordingly: Composer_Name_-_Composition_Title_CMC#.mp3
    (For example, if Magnus King submits a piece called “Heavy Laden with Ketchup” to CMC 10, then his filename would be: Magnus_King_-_Heavy_Laden_with_Ketchup_CMC10.mp3)
  6. MP3 file format is required. Know that even OGG will need to be converted into MP3. (If someone is unable to do so themselves, Abadoss would be willing and able to do it for them.)
  7. Entries should be accompanied by a description and/or story to help listeners understand what the piece is about. (Not required, though.)
  8. All entries must be submitted by Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 11:59 PM – PST, GMT-8.