Timbaland Visits Scene.org, Ripping Ensues

Here is the Digg.com entry.

It’s all explained there, even a few posts from Tempest himself, but basically here’s the lowdown:

Timbaland used about 15 seconds of a song by Demoscener “Tempest” as the base for a Nelly Furtado song, which he “produced.” Tempest’s material is clearly audible when you listen to the Furtado track. You can hear the chip sounds and the distinct arpeggios. Tempest’s song is also quite popular, and he writes: “Acidjazzed Evening competed in Oldschool Music Compo at Assembly 2000
in Helsinki, infront of more than 4000 people (voters) and won the
competition. There are good documents on this. You can of course
believe that the whole event never took place, but would require heavy
dose of self-deluding and not doing your research properly.”

Here’s the original, in .mod format. Use VLC or Modplug to play back the file.

Here’s a YouTube video of the Nelly Furtado version.

It’s unclear whether Tempest will go through the courts at this point in time, since he states he doesn’t have the time or the money to take on a major music label. He says much more in his Digg post, which I linked above.

I haven’t heard Timbaland’s or Nelly’s response to all this, and I’m unsure if they’ll even respond at all, but if they do, please comment on this article and let me know [or I will post it, if I find it first].