Sauce Digest: New stuff for February; writer$ wanted

Prepare for another rollercoaster of downtime, nonfunctionality, and slowness over the next few days as we add some new features. Most of these are designed to make submitting news and promoting ThaSauce easier.
First off, we’ve got Digg links on every story page, in the “Related Links” section. Soon we’ll add a button somewhere around the RSS feed button to make it easier to find.

The next new feature is going to take a few days to put in, but should really help towards making submissions easier. If you have a link or short tidbit of news that’s not quite a full story, you can drop it in our new news hopper where we collect these short bits and links, and once every few days will post a digest-style summary of what we’ve got. This will be placed on the left bar somewhere, for easy drop-and-go functionality. We’ll have more details once it’s implemented.

In addition, we’re working on a new sorting system for articles. In addition to being able to sort articles by date and category, soon you’ll be able to browse stories sorted by reads, rating, and a new system called SauceRank, which takes all of the pieces of a story and factors them into a single “score”, giving highlight to new, popular, highly linked, and highly rated articles.

Call to all writers

As you might’ve noticed, our recent push to have daily columns failed spectacularly. Obviously the reason for this was that we didn’t have enough people to keep up with the volume of writing required, so we’re putting out a new incentive: money. I’ll give out a portion of the advertising revenue for whoever can take over at least four columns a week. For more details, visit us on IRC at #thasauce on

That’s all for this Sauce Digest, stay tuned for the aforementioned updates and another edition next month.