Hello, VGMix.

Aside from the inside jokes people receive when posting some inane comment on the ETA thread on the VGMix 2.5 forums for not reading the VGMIX LAUNCH FAQ post that virt made, there is a large amount of misinformation on the internet. Some of this is due to some comments Jake made during the VGMix panel at MAGFest. “Bahamut” of OCReMix (a forum moderator) was recently seen saying that virt said within a couple of weeks. Other people have made similar comments about “Spring 2007,” but there is no ETA beyond a vague “As soon as it is wholly complete.” Yes, it has been over a year. Yes, they missed the original ETA. The VGMix administration and development team KNOW all of this, and there is no need to restate the facts every other day. Just be patient, and…
Read this FAQ: http://vgmix.com/vg25/viewtopic.php?id=4499

When you compound Jake’s ambition with Real Life (work, school, family obligations) and realise that the dev team is spread around the country (seriously, ask Gulopine and Richter where they live on IRC some time), it should be clear that any kind of ETA is impossible to judge. Go through and read the ETA thread (starting from the beginning), too.

Also, if you want to release your songs, send them here!