Peter Gabriel, We7, and ad supported music.

Star Wars text crawl please:

We7 is set to begin combatting internet music and video piracy in June with an innovative PAT.PENDING media graft Web 2.0 technologies and the promise of DRM free trakcs. The problem is that no major labels have signed on yet, but with heavy hitter PETER GABRIEL as a founding investor it should be only a matter of time before more popular artists sign on. The service is not limited to big name artists, either, as Gabriel was quoted saying “We7 provides artists—even across the more experimental or minority
genres—with the opportunity to build a new source of income from their
music.” A similar service, SPIRALFROG offers DRM encumbered tracks at the price of one or more video advertisements prior to download, and already has two major labels sign up, EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING and UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP.

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