Music4Games Interviews Kenji Yamamoto, MP3 sound team

The Music4games website, which you may remember preformed an early review of Andrew “Zircon” Aversa’s grand project Voices of the Lifestream last month, has recently published an interview with the sound team that worked on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Kenji Yamamoto. If you’re not aware who Mr. Yamamoto is, it is recommended that you read the credits of Super Metroid, his first project with Nintendo and his first as the sound designer (the sound programmer and sound effect designer as well as composer).
Of course, the interview covers the basics, such as the transition from the traditional 2d sidescrolling to First Person Shooting and the difficulties of Mr. Yamamoto working out of Kyoto and Retro Studios being in Austin, TX. But there are quite a few sections of the interview that offer some insight into Mr. Yamamoto’s method, at one point he says that he “watched the footage first, and used the inspirations I got by playing the guitar and piano to organize the music.” He also admits that his main compositional style is much more closely related to American rock music, but felt that it would be more immersive to the Metroid franchise by finding inspiration in the game footage.

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