Flikomp #2 – 8PM Central tonight!!

I have a busy night of breaking things, but lets see if we can fit in some musical fun too!

Compo Date / Time: October 9th, 8:00 PM Central

This is a music compo that has no direction other than to give people
the motivation to just MAKE something (something I have a problem with
all the time). Instead of there being a theme of any sort that may
cause someone to turn away because they don’t feel they can make
something in a certain style, they can just make whatever they want. I
encourage original music in this.

An Hour and Flikteen minutes (or Flikomp) will last just that. You’ll
have an hour to put something together, and perhaps 15 minutes or so to
do any quick cleanup and effect work and such that you couldn’t do in
the hour of creation time.

We will meet in #flikomp on the EnterTheGame IRC server.
Don’t worry. This isn’t some competition or anything. This is purely a
way to motivate people who have difficulty coming up with music to
make. Anyone can join in.

You may use whatever tools you normally use to make your music, just as
long as you can make an MP3 out of it in the end so everyone can
listen. When you make your MP3, it can be e-mailed to [email protected],
or uploaded to a server of your choice and the link sent to me. Name
your file “yournickname – yoursongname.mp3” so we can keep these
organized. Once received I will put everything into a RAR file and
upload it to my server for all to download. If you have dialup this
could be a problem, but we’ll do what we can. There will be a half hour
break from when I get the RAR file uploaded so everyone can download
it, and yes I will try and make individual files available in a public
directory if possible.

I’ll try my best to make this a weekly thing. There may not be a
specific date set for it. Odds are I’ll just make a new thread for it
or something and let people know what time I’ll be starting it that
night. Weekends are iffy since I’m out of town so much during them. If
you miss out on one, don’t worry, there will be more! And don’t fret if
you think your original tune sucks.

This compo is so you can make stuff and in turn get better!

Hope to see you there, and happy music making!