zircon’s ”Antigravity” Remix Contest

zircon has announced in his newsletter a remix competition involving two tracks from his album Antigravity. We can infer from this that he’s probably got another album coming out late winter/early spring 2008:

“Starting today, you can download remix packs of both “Warhead” and “Mindbender” and create your own remixes of them. You’re welcome to distribute them as you please provided you credit me as the original artist, and there is no money involved; if you plan on selling your remix in some form, please talk to me first and we can work something out.”
“Additionally, I’m starting a friendly contest revolving around these
remix packs. If you complete a remix of either track – in any style you want – send it to [email protected]. I’ll compile all the remixes I get and on Feb 1, 2008, I’ll select two of them to be featured on my next album (and the winners will of course get a cut of the sales, too!) Alternatively, if there are too many good ones to pick from, I’ll open it up to the public to vote on.”

You can download the remix packs here:


You can read more and discuss it with zircon in the OCR Thread.