OC ReMix adds new list formats for games & remixes

djpretzel on the OCReMix forums:

Tonight, after multiple hours of development that had my girlfriend
yelling at me for breaking a promise to stop at 10:00pm, I uploaded
modifications to OCR’s list system that, in my opinion, represent a
substantial improvement.
  • Multiple ReMixers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Multiple composers are now credited, instead of just a count
  • Individual songs are listed, where available, for each mix
  • Japanese names of both games and composers are presented in context
  • Columns and font sizes have been rearranged for enhanced usability
  • System icons have been added to help distinguish game/remix records

Phew! Honestly, this was a boatload of work, and I wouldn’t be
surprised if there are a couple issues that need to be fixed. Let us
know what you think, and report any problems here!