Free Shit: Best Shit of 2007

Not much free shit released lately, save for kahvi which has a shitton of new Christmas releases – check it out!

Hokay guys, 2007 is pretty much over, and what free shit did we come up with this year? Well, it’s been a great year for free shit, lots of releases… let’s take a look back some of my favourite releases from artists and netlabels this year.

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ansi038) ]
qetoret (gong fog)
[15.6 MB | 16:15]

This is a great tune, by anonymous [no, not that anonymous, the other one], which I think is the most creative ambience put out by ansiform this year.

ansi032) ]
memories [18.5 MB | 16:13 | 4 tracks]
This is a cool EP release done by someone you’d know by reading this article

20kbps rec.
This one’ll chill you down for sure. Kind of comical chill rock EP, encoded at 20kbps of course, which actually makes a pretty cool sound. Makes me nostalgic actually.

Camomille #100 – Cycles
a release by the netlabel “Camomille” featuring an amazing amount of talent in the internet electronic music scene, and rivals the scope of OCR’s “Voices of the Lifestream” project. Don’t pass this one up.
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release #209: music for a nightmare by various artists
Another creepy release, featuring names like Alexander Chereshnev and Saul Stokes. This is great to listen to while playing a game, like Doom or STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.
Cool soundtrackey material and the most notable release [in my opinion] from Kahvi this year.

release #207: hringur by nagz
Short but sweet, this is another memorable one when I think of Kahvi in 2007. Great sounds and unique style.

release #221: in riots of color they spin by mikael fyrek
What can I say? Mikael makes some really cool shit. These are some of my favourite Fyrek tracks. The chick on the CD cover is kind of hot too.

release #211: cdr#2 by lackluster
This is actually a bunch of really old songs, but Esa [distance/lackluster] released it for free via Kahvi this year back in April. I should mention that this is some of the best chillout IDM ever, though you’ll either love it or hate it, probably.

mtk.mp3.179 Troupe “It’s Really Pretty Simple After All”

This is actually one of my favourites of the whole year, not just stuff off monotonik. High quality synthpop with a pretty orchestral/electronic song at the end. Another short and sweet release and definitely memorable [for years to come]. I dunno how he does it. I dunno if he does either, but oh well!

mtk.mp3.183 Aleksi Eeben “Three Times The Music”

Quirky music for hyper maniacs. I love it. Cute, fun, fast paced and most importantly CRAZY melodies. Aleksi Eeben AKA Heatbeat is one of my favourite artists ever for this reason. If you have HVSC you should check out his sid music [also free!].
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Pantoufle Tagada
The first release [and only release this year] from Kaneel’s new netlabel for cute music. Features not-actually-that-cute music but-still-good music that you should check out!

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Gama [various artists]
various artists comp. CD! This one stylistically goes all over the
place as it features everything from crazy drill n bass to hip hop. I
enjoyed the whole thing and you’ll probably at least like 1 or 2 things
on there.

Virgil’s Impending Techno Swing by Benefit of the Boomerang
Crazy composition and harsh sounds abound! ‘Tis BotB! It’s almost like a joke release but it’s still so good.

3 Ton Script by transient
cutefunk! I was all set to plug Hexual Ceiling, which was released on monotonik, but that was released last year apparently! How time flies! 3 Ton Script is great though, so here you go.
Pretty decent amount of content for shit I just remembered off the top of my head. There’s probably tons of other awesome stuff I’m forgetting but hey… that’s what the comments section is for. So let me know, what free shit did YOU like in 2007?

Happy new year!