Doubles’ Dash 2 Compo Compo RESULTSSS

So, the Doubles’ Dash 2 compo was Sunday, and as expected it was even better than the first! Here are the results from Shael’s LJ (I’m reuploaded the files on ThaSauce ’cause Shael’s a talented musician but his filenaming/hosting skills aren’t quite up to par =P. Also: ID3 TAGS >:( ):

Holy shit! I just hosted the second teams-of-two three-hour pop song
writing party/contest, and the results were absolutely impressive. I
encourage you to check these three songs out.

DJ Projekt Zero as Team Super Sloppy Double Dare – Shael’s Going to Fuck Me Up the Ass With No Lube and It’s Going to Hurt

have to hand it to DJ Projekt Zero, whose partner petered out halfway
through the contest, leaving him with half the time and half the
manpower to finish his song. Zero drew titular inspiration from a
threat made following his partner’s forfeiture midway through the
contest, regarding what would happen were he to not finish his track.

Shael Riley and Jiggin Jon T as Team Taking a Year Off to Travel – Pros and Cons

like I said I would be, after wearing the producer hat last time, I’m
in the lyricist/vocalist role on this collaboration with JJT, who
produced an excellent instrumental. When I produced Injury, I wrote a
melody for her to write words to, but Jon just gave me a chord
structure, leaving me to write the melody too; that was cool, because
it gave me some wiggle room with my lyrics. Drawing inspiration from a
conversation I had with [info]treacerbullet earlier in the day, I decided to write a song in-character, taking a tip from the Randy Newman school of songwriting.

Injury, Sgt Rama, and Suzumebachi as Team Bisquick – Percent Caret Open Parenthesis

motherfuckers. Not only did they cheat, by secretly adding Doug “Sgt.
Rama” Arely to their team, but they parodied Snow Love and Sludge, the
undisputed worst song off of my first solo album. Fuck you,
cocksuckers. You are not invited to my contests anymore.

Actually, they did a really good job. Starla’s T-pain’d vox are stunningly hooky.