Radio ThaSauce Live

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hosting a makeshift radio show called Radio ThaSauce Live.  I play requests, talk about news, and generally have a good time with it.  So far, I’ve had quite a few listeners, but I’m ready for some more.  I think the show is great, and a lot of people who’ve listened to it like it.  So I wanted to get the word out that I’m continuing onward with it.

So let’s give you some stats on the show itself.  It started about
six weeks ago, back in February, when VGM: Very Good Music aired its
last show.  About two weeks after that, I started up Radio ThaSauce
Live, first with a pilot episode to test out how things would run, and
then finally the following week, and subsequently, with weekly shows
that run at least 2 hours, sometimes more.

I’ve had at least 14
unique listeners since I switched from StickAM, which was the original
site I was using for streaming, to the new and much more reliable (so
far)  Ustream has the same principle idea as StickAM, but
presents it much, much more easily than StickAM.

I look forward
to each and every new show, and I plan on doing themed nights where I
focus on either a single scene, for example “retro remix night” and
“compo night” which were themed appropriately, and featured music from
Remix.Kwed.Org and Compos: ThaSauce.  These nights were especially fun
because I could cut loose with music many haven’t heard in awhile, or
even before.

So to continue this new tradition of playing
awesome tunes, and having loads of fun, I’m going to be broadcasting
for as long as I, or my sanity, can take it.  Which, for you, should be
a long time!  So how do you check out the show?  Why you go to of course! But allow me to direct link you to the site so
you might easily find the show!

also found, through exploration, that I can embed both video and chat
from the site onto another site.  So look for an easier to use
interface in the near future!

Showtime is Friday night at 8pm
Eastern, every friday.  Now, please keep in mind, my work schedule is
changing, so I will be changing the show’s night from Friday to
Saturday to compensate, because I want this show to continue on and I
don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

The date of the first
saturday show will be Saturday May 2nd, at 8pm Eastern.  For those of
you in another time zone, I will help you out a bit by giving you a
rundown of US time zones and zones in Hawaii, London and Stockholm.

Eastern Standard (-5): 8pm
Central Standard (-6): 7pm
Mountain Standard (-7): 6pm
Pacific Standard (-8): 5pm
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard (-10): 3pm

London, England (+5): 2am
Stockholm, Sweden (+6): 3am

For everyone else, please refer to this site:

You will be able to track your time zone from there, if you use one.