New ReMix Comment/Review Presentation on OCReMix

DJP wrote on OCReMix:

In the spirit of making April kick as much ass as possible, we’ve gone live with a modified ReMix detail page that incorporates comments RIGHT on the page itself, in a blog/youtube style. You can still get to the full review thread, and in fact need
to in order to reply, but if you’re just browsing the latest 15
comments, you don’t need to leave the main mix page. We plan to do the
same thing for albums.


I’m still working on the code that parses/cleans up BBcode, so you’ll
see some formatting inconsistencies with URL, quote, and other
elements, but in general the comments should be intelligible.

I personally prefer things this way as I feel it highlights the awesome
feedback OA, DragonAvenger, Marmiduke, Polo, Dhsu, and many others
provide for so many mixes. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the

So, what do YOU think? Post your thoughts on this change here – do keep
in mind that, as stated, I’m still working on the text formatting, so
pointing that out isn’t necessary.