Weezer – The 8-bit Album announced

genoboost posted on GM4A:

For fans of the band, or 8-bit music, or both, a tribute album to
Weezer has just been announced, featuring many of the leading musicians
of the 8-bit scene.
The compilation is set to be released on Pterodactyl Squad,
and will feature contributions from 14 different artists, including Bit
Shifter, Anamanaguchi, arcadecoma., I Fight Dragons, PDF Format, seal
of quality and Videogame Orchestra.Head on over to the official blog
to view the artwork for the compilation, drawn by David Mauro and
modelled on Weezer’s iconic ‘Blue Album’ cover. You can also preview
PDF Format’s cover of You Won’t Get With Me Tonight, which will be
featured on the compilation.Stayed tuned to the official blog
for more updates, and look out for the compilation to be released on
Pterodactyl Squad during the coming weeks.