Nerdapalooza; Summer MAGFest? Well kinda…

Most people know by now that I’ve been a resident of Florida all my life, and that I moved to Orlando a few years ago to attend Full Sail University‘s Computer Animation Bachelors of Science Degree problem. Since I didn’t have a car I lived pretty close to campus, and I got pretty familiar with the surrounding area in the Comic Shop down the street. It was through this comic shop that I got to meet one of my favorite musicians, as well as learned about Nerdapalooza where myf (aka Mythril Nazgul) would be performing just a few days later.
I planned to walk the 8 miles it’d take to get there if I couldn’t find a ride, and luckily I did find a ride, because 8 miles is a lot longer than it seems on MapQuest. When I got there I was greeted by myf himself, along with DJ Snyder of the Grammar Club, who happened to be sitting with MC Frontalot and Schaffer the Darklord. Kind of intense stuff, really. Until then I’d only heard/seen MC Frontalot through Penny Arcade and G4, but now he’s sitting in front of me. Inside I saw ytcracker going through songs on his laptop and I met artists like Random and Zealous1 and was completely blown away. I had no idea that Orlando was so rich with nerd culture (though I suppose I should) and I was told by quite a few people that it was getting bigger every day.
Well now Nerdapalooza 2009 is coming up, and it’s bigger than ever. So big that mc chris has already been confirmed as a guest, as well as Beefy and Shael Riley of the Grammar Club in their first ever live performance. Suzu and starla are making serious attempts to come join the awesome, rumor has it AE might be making an appearance, and I’ve recently heard via twitter that OCR may be cooking something up as well. You can bet ThaSauce’ll be out in full force, but what about you?
Nerdapalooza is the closest thing to a summer MAGFest we have going right now. A mid-year nerd gathering with more music than you can handle.
For up to the minute updates, and full line-up as it’s announced be sure to check out the Nerdapalooza website (which recently got a facelift) at