Tron Tribute EP RELEASED!

This just in from Game Music 4 All, the great 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer has released a Tron Tribute EP, which is available for for free!
The following is quoted from

A new EP has just been released by the great 8
Bit Weapon
(and ComputeHer,
of course) featuring 5 tracks all in homage of the classic 1982 science
fiction film “Tron”. You get to hear Wendy Carlos’s scores redone in a
8bit remix version that still carrys the intense, nostalgic, climatic
feeling. �The 5 tracks feature three different mixes called Tron Scherzo
and two mixes of the Theme + Ending. �Each mix are named after the
characters from the movie. �My personal favorites go out to Sark’s
Revenge Mix and Flynn’s Fare.
this now
and get sucked into a system of 8bit signals that will
trigger nothing but the feeling of content all around you.