MAGFest X Recap: Nobuo Uematsu Leads a Colossus Roar

As we continue to dwell of the lasting vestiges and epic legacy of MAGFest X, we feel inclined to show you another favorite moment that resides in our hearts. As seen in the video shot by our overly excited staff,  Nobuo Uematsu leads the crowd in an epic Colossus roar as a part of the EARTHBOUND PAPAS encore before they perform their live version of “Maybe I’m a Lion” from Final Fantasy VIII. Nobuo Uematsu’s incredibly invigorating energy on-stage just proves why he may be seen as one of the most popular VGM composers of all time, which is probably a great reason for you to be on the lookout for ThaSauce’s exclusive interview with U-man himself! Yeah, that’s right. Try not to pee yourself, ’cause we already did that for you.

Image credited to BonusJosh