Real Orchestra to perform famous c64 tunes

C64 Orchestra is a production of Micromusic Netherlands and ON (a
Netherlands-based organisation supporting computer/dance/audio/visual
culture). For this production, C64 Orchestra approached two of the most
experienced C64-users from the 1980s, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. Some
of their greater works have been rewritten to be played by a classic

The compositions that they are going to play:

Rob Hubbard’s compositions:

Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid, Commando, International Karate

Jeroen Tel’s:

Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth, Supremacy

The tour is going to be in the Netherlands in September, specific dates will be posted on their website in due time.

Thanks for your time, hope you’re in the neighbourhood to check out the concert in September.

(News submitted by Bassie / RBi)

Source: Remix64

Whatever happened to Daknit??

Well he turned into a beatnik…ok not really, but he’d certainly lead you to believe so…

From the thread on OCReMix:

Quick update, I don’t do remixes as much anymore, but I’m now into
video. I got a weekly Blog/Show called Daknit Video found on You tube.
I got 2 and 1/2 episodes up now (they are kinda crappy in quality) and
I’m working on a third for this weekend. Plus, you finally get a chance
tosee what i look like. (if you care) I’ll also try to do a quick
midweek video. something short and entertaining. And yes, that’s a OC
mix I’m using as my theme. No, it’s not mine. i’m “barrowing” it until
I can find a better.

ANYwho, I hope to see you all around. And you younglings, quit trying to kick me. =P”
Daknit is still Daknit.


Anyone remember that Dream Oath Poem (FF6 Celes Opera Song)? Here, have a good laugh.


A New Project!

One of Ormgas’s members has started a project! This project will be massively different than the ones over at OCR. Take a look! (link at bottom)

This project works on the basis of Ormgas’s users. The users make the tracklist, decide what stays or goes (anything on the project) and work with the remixers to create what the users want.
It’s a brilliant play by your fellow MagiNinjA, no? And yes, I’m a co-director I guess.

The file server will be set up as soon as I can get a php coder to do some simple crap for me 🙂

ya know…just an index that lists our songs and the tracklist…

OrmGas Remix Project (OGR)

Dwelling of Duels Jun 06 Results – Goemon Month

Not so many entries this time in this Goemon themed compo
(composition competition – a term generally used to describe competitions that
take place within a limited amount of time). SnappleMan takes the cake for this

Here are the stats:
#1 – SnappleMan – Goemon’s Great Adventure – Devil’s Heaven
#2 (tie) – Ryan8Bit – Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES) –
Mist, the Bringer of Pain

#2 (tie) – Gwarth – Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES) – Gold
Coins to a Cat

#4 – Danimal Cannon – Ganbare Goemon 1 (NES) – I’ve never heard
of this game

Here are the other

Next month is Follin Month! This will be great because the top entries will
probably be featured in Larry ‘Liontamer’ Oji’s Tim Follin Project, so work
hard! (Tim Follin has a ton of games to mix from including the famous Bionic

VGDJ: Episode #047

Ahhh, July 4th draws near… This episode might not be “special,” but
surely the temptation of remix reviews, reports, general silliness, and
an Australian meetup call-in is too powerful to pass up. Not to mention
we’ve got the continuation of our trivia contest, along with the
announcement of last week’s winner (pics too!). Prepare for at least a
few pronunciation-related jokes on this one. Now, we recorded all this
for the peoples. All you have to do is giddy-up, grab the show, and vote fer us. Yeehaw!

VGDJ: Shownotes #047

[00:00] Even slightly addled celebrities love VGDJ!

We wish a happy Independence Day to our American listeners. As for our
non-American listeners? THBBBPPPPT. Join us as we commit acts of
lollygagging and tomfoolery in our OCR thread. Also, it’s a new month, so the rankings on podcastalley are cleared: thusly, please vote for us!

[05:05] We’re
considering recording a special episode (in between our normal
releases) centered around the basics of ReMixing and how you can get
started. If you’re interested and have suggestions for the type of
stuff you’d like to hear about, post in our thread or send us an email; [email protected] .

[07:07] The Rama Report: 🙁

[07:59] ReMix Review: From Starfox 64: ‘V to the X Power‘ by DZComposer … A prominent contributor to the ReMixing forum
on OCR, DZComposer specializes in orchestral mixes as well as Starfox.
He does not let us down here with an intricate – albeit, slightly
esoteric – arrangement. Those accustomed to dramatic, film score-esque
orchestral mixes might be a little disappointed in this, but we
recommend it nonetheless.

[11:10] ReMix Review: From Zelda 2: ‘Battle of the Hylian Hero‘ by Random Hero
… Ok, so we weren’t feeling this one too much. It’s got all the
makings of a solid orchestral ReMix, but we thought it lacked a certain
expansiveness in comparison to the original, and that it relied on
repetition too much. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by all the exquisite
orchestral mixes already on the site, so by all means, dig the track
and make your own opinion.

[14:08] The Compo Report: FLMC, PRC, and TOMC. Elegantly presented as always, Chad.

[16:44] The first winner of the VGDJ Awkward Trivia Giveaway contest has been selected: it’s q-pa! Congratulations! We’ll be sending him a copy of SGX‘s
newest album “Chroma” as well as his remix album “Better Than Sliced
Beats.” q-pa’s anecdote involved him joining a university band and
playing the bagpipes, which in and of itself is somewhat amusing, but
he also sent us pictures of himself. In a kilt. You can see those in our album,
of course. For everyone else that sent in something: it was a tough
choice for us, as there was lots of funny material in there. You still
have several more chances left!

Anyway, this week, it’s up to you to prove to us that you’ve really
been listening; how do both pixietricks and I pronounce the following
ReMixer names: chthonic, ambient, McVaffe, and Shnabubula? In addition,
we want to know the most embarassing CD (or MP3) in your music
collection. Leave your answer as a voicemail at 1-800-990-VGDJ. Don’t
forget to email us your physical address so that we know where to send
your goodies. As with last week, you have until noon Thursday (July
6th) to send in your answer.

[21:02] The Meetup Report: Bzzzzzzzzt…. The Otakon meetup (at Otakon 2006
of course) already has a good fourteen expected participants, and don’t
forget about the OCR panel at 10am August 4th! A good chunk of people
have expressed interest in a Utah meetup in Salt Lake City, so if you’re in the area, check that thread. Lastly, the Brisbane and Sydney meetups have finally happened: hooray!

[23:37] The
folks at the Brisbane meetup (Dr. Wily, BlueMage, JamPaladin,
Snooper1989, GSlicer, and Jivemaster) recorded a little something for
us. Sounds like they had fun! Check out the thread for pictoorz.

[25:50] Russian ReMix Roulette: Ah-bay? Ayb? It looks like pronunciation is the theme of this show.
It has been suggested that we start keeping score… (zircon edit: not
if we count the Japanese composers!) But anyway, some old-school beats
from BenCousins today. From Zelda: Link’s Awakening: ‘AnimalVillageGreenwichVillage‘.

Having seen each other three times in the last few months, we muse a
bit on how fun OCR meetups can be, and how they can really make the
community more tight-knit. Also, pixietricks pwns Noob… get it? :>
Anyway, we be chillin’ up in Pville again, and hopefully we’ll be
seeing the brothers Riley, DCT, and McVaffe soon too. Hey, we gotta
take vacations too sometimes.

[37:23] Arguably, this is the first time in over a month that we haven’t
had a special episode.. though, one might consider the July 4th theme
to be special, in a way. But I’m sure our loyal fans with 56k don’t
mind a less than 50 minute episode. VOTE since it’s a new month, and send in your feedback to [email protected] or post in our OCR thread. See ya next week!

[40:28] VOICEMAIL:
debeerguy007, DrumUltimA, debeerguy007 again, fivre, dj scorcher (?),
LAOS, zircon, and Pixie’s dearest husband: Rama.

[44:42] [stinger]

Background music used in episode 047, in order of appearance:

– “America” by Neil Diamond
– “But Mr. Adams” from the musical 1776
– Rayman 2 ‘Disconnected’ by chthonic
– “The Lees of Old Virginia” from 1776
– “Fly Me to the Moon [Aya Bossa Techno]” from the Evangelion OST
– Chrono Trigger/FF9 ‘Knights Come Marching Home’ by Ailsean
– Gunsmoke ‘Spaghetti Cowboy’ by Gux
– “Epona Song/Lon Lon Ranch” from the Legends of Zelda Rearrange Album
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– “America” from the musical West Side Story
– “God Bless America” performed by Celine Dion
– Mega Man ‘Magnet Man Goes West’ by Disco Dan

GamerGasm: Podcast #8

I could’ve sworn GamerGasm had it’s own topic image…guess I’m gonna have to get on that. Anyway this is hardly NEW news, but seeing as GamerGasm has no way to track content rather than manually checking the site right now, a lot of people may have missed it…
On the agenda tonite, is the groundbreaking, earth- shattering, amazing, incredible launch of NIntendo DS Lite. As well we talk about Table Tennis and Hitman, as well as why Sony isn’t making sense anymore. All this and more, and all for free, because we love you. Enjoy.


C64 Take-Away Episode 030: In remembrance of Edwin van Santen

Stuff mentioned on todays show:

Music played:

  • Edwin van Santen – 13 Seconds of Masacre
  • Edwin van Santen – PCW-Tune 88
  • Edwin van Santen – Scratching Zwaantjes
  • Dafunk – Hardcore Power (tripbeats mix)

MP3 (18:08 minutes, 17.7 Mb)

Tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org, and from the HVSC. Commments either right here at the site, by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or via the Messageboard, or You can also add your pushpin to the C64 Take-away frappr map or even send me a voice message.