Celldweller.com announces Remixing Competition

Klayton and Celldweller have announced a Celldweller Remixing
Competition which will start mid-September. For the uninitiated,
Celldweller is an independant electronic/rock band created as a musical
outlet for the former Circle of Dust frontman Klay Scott (now just
Klayton). Read more for more info.
From remix.celldweller.com:
Prizes for contest winners consist of software packages from Apple’s Logic Pro, Native Instruments and Cakewalk’s
Pro and Rapture, Gear Cards from Guitar Center, music accessories,
digital distribution and web hosting via CD Baby, clothing
and accessories from FIXT Clothing and custom engraved Video iPod’s with the entire Celldweller Audio & Video catalog
pre-loaded. Winning mixes will also appear on an upcoming Celldweller Remix CD from FIXT (FixtMusic.Com), Klayton’s new

music/clothing label.

Please visit http://www.remix.celldweller.com to check it out!