VGDJ: Episode #053: Day of the Videocast


VGDJ in video?! What has the
world come to? Contrary to popular belief, we’re not just a bunch of
disembodied voices floating around on the internet… but we wanted to
prove it with our first ever videocast.

This is your chance to actually
SEE zircon, pixietricks, djpretzel, Liontamer, GeoffreyTaucer, and
friends in living color. Check out all our crazy footage from last
week’s OCR Otakon panel, and not without a few added bonuses, of
course! There are three versions available for download, for
those of you residing on the extremes of web speed:

Low res (70 MB)
Medium Res (130 MB)
High res (400 MB)

If you wanna view this cast on your iPod, you’ll have to convert it to
mp4. We gave up on that long ago, for various reasons. But the MOV’s
should play in iTunes, at least. Have fun, kiddies!

VGDJ #52 – Otakon Panel! Lucky easterners.

From the VGDJ Website, “Stop! It’s panel time. Yes, that’s right, we’re back from Otakon and things went great. In fact, we had so much fun that we decided to bring home a big ol’ recording for this week’s show. djpretzel, GeoffreyTaucer, and even the great Liontamer all make an appearance as we take you through what has undoubtedly been one of the highest points for OCR and VGDJ yet. Sit down with your favorite tentacle, grab a lightsaber, and enjoy the ride.”
[00:00] Larry “Liontamer” Oji gives us a thoughtful and detailed review of Otakon.

[01:13] Oh shnap! We’ve been talking about it for over a month now, but this is it: the Otakon show. We had a great time hanging out there, but more importantly, the OCReMix Panel was a smash hit.

[03:24] OCReMixer OverCoat – SeattleOverCoat, soc, whatever you prefer to call him – recently completed an Anime “Chipdisk” (thread), and it only seemed appropriate to use it for some BGM on this episode. You can pick up the full chipdisk for yourself right here.

[04:27] As of this writing, we seem to have momentarily fallen one spot behind in the rankings for Music/Radio podcasts on podcastalley. Now, we can’t have that, can we?! Take a mere 10 seconds while you’re listening to vote for us this month if you haven’t already, and get that warm, fuzzy feeling. You can visit our OCR thread or our store too while you’re at it!

[07:15] The OCR Panel: Right from the start, it was clear that we had more than a handful of people present. djpretzel starts by explaining the fundamentals of OCR and what the site is all about.
[09:27] We go into a little more detail about the submission process and how ReMixes are evaluated. It was somewhat heartwrenching to tell fans of Bubble Bobble (YEAH!) that drumloops over the original tunes aren’t really OCR material, but oh well.

[10:57] pixietricks reassures the audience that groove bias is just a rumor, and that one can find all kinds of ReMixes on the site. And to prove it, we just happened to bring along a…

[11:29] ReMix Medley: Starting with ‘The Ken Song‘ by jdproject, from Street Fighter 2.

[12:28] Next up, we had ‘Da Black Market‘ by Mythril Nazgul, D-Lux, Flik, and Joe Cam, from Earthbound. Of course, Larry couldn’t resist rapping along towards the end.

[13:37] To switch up the eras we went with ‘Metal Gear May Cry‘ by Jared Hudson, from Metal Gear Solid 2.

[14:43] Harmony‘s ‘Dragon Song‘ from Secret of Mana was quite a crowdpleaser!

[15:48] A VGDJ favorite followed it up; ‘Love Hurts‘ by djpretzel, from Sonic the Hedgehog. Great porn music? You decide.

[16:41] Dhsu and GrayLightning represent! Their mix ‘Nayru’s Love‘ from Zelda: Oracle of Ages struck a chord with the audience.

[17:44] It may be aging, but ‘Bomberfuzz‘ by Fuzz from the game Bomberman is every bit as good now as it was when it came out.

[18:41] Anime fans = RPG fans, and RPG fans = Chrono Trigger fans, obviously. po!‘s Electric Clouds was a logical choice for ’em.

[19:50] SuperBuckJazz by Estradasphere, from Super Mario Bros. 2. Need we say more?

[21:00] We finished up the medley with none other than ‘Lover Reef‘ by zircon, pixietricks, D-Lux, shonensamurai, and GeoffreyTaucer, from Sonic & Knuckles.

[21:45] Thus concludes our medley, but if you’d like to hear it in full quality, you can pick up the MP3 right here.

[22:20] We tell the peeps that OCR isn’t just about music, it’s about community also, and we’ve proven that by way of our numerous meetups all over the world.

[23:24] Site projects have become regular occurences as well. As zircon explains, these are full albums that contain ReMixes of an entire soundtrack from a game. The audience seemed pretty excited at both the existing and upcoming projects we mentioned!

[25:05] Now we were pretty surprised when we heard this one. It appears as though OverClocked ReMix actually has an official podcast about the site and the community. WTF? Why didn’t we hear about that? They even went to Video Games Live and got some pictures. I wish we could have done that. 🙁

[26:44] djpretzel is more than happy to tell the world about OCR’s media exposure on the internet, in press, and on TV. What’s really amazing is that pro game composers like Jeremy Soule have even showed their support for OCR by submitting their own ReMixes!

[27:57] We thought it would be worth mentioning some sister sites that feature some kind of remixes. These include the self-explanatory AnimeRemix, the up and coming Remix:Tha Sauce, and the slightly handicapped OverLooked ReMix, which Larry was proud to talk about. He also had a brief addendum to our site list; Ormgas, the 24/7 streaming OCReMix radio station.

[30:43] Our Powerpoint presentation ended here, but you can always download it and watch it for yourself. Props to pixietricks for putting it together.

[32:53] djpretzel and GeoffreyTaucer perform their collab ‘Town Life‘ from Chrono Trigger!

[36:39] zircon subs in for Reuben Kee, accompanying pixietricks‘ as we perform ‘The Place We Knew‘ from Chrono Trigger.

[41:27] This would have been the part where we did a trivia & giveaway with the audience, followed by a question and answer session, but due to some technical problems we couldn’t capture it in the recording. Sowwy. :< However! We did manage to get the very last part of the Q&A, which featured a loyal OCR fan who actually came up to the panel, gave a little speech about how awesome we are, and then handed djpretzel a present... [43:31] “It’s a pretzel.” What a way to close out a kick-ass panel. [44:34] Suffice it to say we were very, very happy with the way things turned out. Not only was the panel really fun, but we had a great time at the rest of the con too! Just check out our action shot photo album. We really want to thank everyone who came to both the panels and the meetups and made them fun. Stay in touch via IRC, voicemail, or our OCR thread, and before this MP3 ends, check PodcastAlley and make sure you’ve voted for us this month!

[48:59] VOICEMAIL: Belthesar, Shivy, zircon’s-got-a-letter guy, Otakon meetup group call, DJAnubis, DJ, and Fusion2004.

[53:24] [stinger]

BACKGROUND MUSIC used in Episode 052, in the order in which it appeared:
‘Sync Ratio (Evangelion)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Origa Trail (GITS:SAC)’ by Coda and OverCoat, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Serial Communication (Gundam Wing)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘We Are the Stars (Ragnarok)’ by Coda, from the Anime Chipdisk
‘Twoson Hits the Road’ by djpretzel, from Earthbound
‘The Journey to the West’ from the Princess Mononoke OST
‘Lullaby for Tohru’ by pixietricks, from Fruits Basket

VGDJ Episode #51

From the VGDJ Website, “Remember when we said something about small shows balancing big ones? Well… oops. We might be between special episodes, but hey, we love you guys enough that we don’t mind givin’ ya a bigger one this week just for kicks (just remember to vote for us, as it’s a new month).
Listen in and find out the answers to such deep questions as: what does
a Solitaire ReMix sound like? What’s a periodontal cyst? Why do people
call us without leaving a name? And of course, is it possible to have four reports on a single show? Hurry! To the download button!


Vote!!! MagiNinjA did it; so should you!

VGDJ has finally released the epic #50!!!!

From the VGDJ website, “Can you believe it’s been FIFTY episodes of VGDJ?! Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! The show has certainly gone through a lot of changes since episode #001, from the hosts, to the way it’s been edited, to the segments on each episode… even to the design of the site. But in the end, fifty episodes later, it’s still the same at heart. So, we’ve put together a very special show for you loyal listeners (and there are quite a few more of you now!) in celebration of this landmark. While it took a little longer to polish up, there was good reason… But you’ll have to listen to find out!!! <-- Shownotes” VOTE! MagiNinjA did, so you should too!

VGDJ Episode #49

From the VGDJ website, “As is the case with the natural laws of the universe, we have
balanced last week’s slightly abridged episode with a decidedly
plus-size show that is sure to hit the spot. The culmination of our
Awkward Trivia Contest Giveaway is close at hand as we announce the
penultimate winner and the final question. Not to be forgotten,
Cyan_Ide and DrumUltimA have returned with their weekly reports (gee,
who do you think is missing?!) and of course, zircon’s “Flow Basket”
makes its debut appearance. Excitement! Mystery! Suspense! Tune in to
Episode 049, and don’t touch that dial!”

VGDJ: Episode #048

Whaaaaaat? How did we manage
to let our “mini episode” exceed the 35-minute mark?! Oh right. It’s
because there were a whopping four ReMix Reviews this week, plus the
VGDJ Awkward Trivia Contest Giveaway, plus cohosting co-embarrassment,
plus our hordes of creepy callers. (Seriously, where do you guys come
up with these things?) Anywho, we hope you enjoy this somewhat abridged
edition of vee gee dee jay. Had a lot going on this past week, but have
no fear: we’ll be back in full feature action next episode… with the
debut of zircon’s swanky new remixing tutorial! Until then, enjoy.

VGDJ: Shownotes #048

[01:05] Okay, wtf…? Mini episode MY ARSE!
We may have cut out all the weekly reports and Russian ReMix Roulette,
but this show still ended up coming to almost 40 minutes! In any case,
your dearest cohosts have lives outside of VGDJ (believe it or not),
and didn’t have the time to edit a full show this week. Solly…
[05:00] But
that’s okay, because we have some special things in the works for our
next two shows! Episode 049 will feature the very first installation of
zircon’s brand new remixing tutorial, appropriately titled “The Flow Basket.” Aaaaaaand, as if that isn’t enough, OUR FIFTIETH EPISODE IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Many surprises in store.
[06:32] Announcing the second winner of our Awkward Trivia Contest Giveaway:
lancer130! Congrats: your answer was thorough……… amusing!
Hyuck hyuck. Be on the lookout for SuperGreenX’s remix albums “Chroma”
and “Better Than Sliced Beats,” for they shall be arriving soon. And
now, for your last chance to win these phat beats…

This week’s question:
We’ve had three *stingers thus far that have been connected in their
theme and concept. Tell us what they are, and what episodes they were
on. (And no, they aren’t about Rama, because we totally make fun of him
all the time. ^_~) Additionally, we would like to know your most
embarrassing nickname, explained for all the world to hear! As always,
be sure to email your response to [email protected] by noon this

* (“Stinger” is the term we use to describe the random
bit we tack on at the very end of each show, after the voicemail
embarrassing nickname. But being a nice little fairy, she evens out the
count with her own. What do you think? “Bear and Jillybean discuss the
world of OverClocked ReMix, a community dedicated to the appreciation
and reinterpretation of video game music”…? Hmmm, maybe next Easter.
[11:43] ReMix Review: From Awesome: ‘Game Over (Cheeze Mix)‘ by Erik S … OMG learn how to spell “cheese,” kay? XD And cheesy it is… kind of like an 80’s vampire movie! Solid work from Erik S.
[14:37] ReMix Review: From 7th Guest: ‘Microscopism‘ by Mazedude
… Pixie must remember to wipe her drool listening to this sexy
Mazedude remix. (Question is, does the adjective “sexy” modify the noun
“Mazedude” or “remix” in this context? Guess you’ll never know!) Zircon
is very happy to read an original composer name that he can pronounce,
and you’re sure to dig this quirky industrial track!
[17:16] ReMix Review: From Final Fantasy 7: ‘The Twelf Commandment‘ by Midee and Prozax
… A dynamic duo indeed! Midee and Prozax put their heads together yet
again for a smashing rock/orchestral remix. Definitely check out the
whole song from das linken above, because it was difficult to choose
just one section to feature on the show. This piece is ever-changing!
[20:14] ReMix Review: From Zombies Ate My Neighbors: ‘The Curse‘ by Christian Pacaud
… Captain Christian Pacaud of the U.S.S. Enterprise! XD This mix is a
great example of “reinterpretation.” The source tunes weren’t all that
great, to be quite honest, so we were impressed with what C-Pac was
able to create under the circumstances. Exxxxcccellent. (Pixie edit: Oh
yeah, and sorry about my laughing at your voice crack, Zirkie dear…
[22:56] Still laughing!
[23:29] GET
AWAY FROM US YOU SCARY CALLERS! Here is a little collection of
disturbing voicemails we received this past week. Thanks Toot, Abadoss,
and Ray…?
[28:47] OkayILoveYaByeByeeeeeeee:, [email protected], our thread on OCR, IRC chat @ #vgdj, our non-profit store, 1-800-990-VGDJ, %^( shot photo album, and please please please please please please please please pleeeeeaaaase… vote for us on Podcast Alley!
VOICEMAIL: Thanks to DrumUltimA, Max from Germany, Shiver McTimber, Peter (Happy birthday, lover girl!), and Toot!
[38:55] [stinger]

Background music used in episode 048, in order of appearance:

– Wild Arms ‘Dové L’Amore’ by DJ Crono
– Final Fantasy 6 ‘Greater Alchemic Patchwork’ by Israfel
– “Soul Sight” by DJ Zenith and SGX, from his new original album, Chroma!
– Streets of Rage 2 ‘Infectious Oldskool’ by GeckoYamori
– Wing Commander ‘Wing Theme Surf’ by The Fat Man/Team Fat
– “Family Damacy” from the We Love Katamari OST
– Super Mario World ‘Super Mariocean’ by spacepony
– “Outside the Club” by McVaffe
– Toejam & Earl ‘James Brown in Space’ by djpretzel

VGDJ: Episode #047

Ahhh, July 4th draws near… This episode might not be “special,” but
surely the temptation of remix reviews, reports, general silliness, and
an Australian meetup call-in is too powerful to pass up. Not to mention
we’ve got the continuation of our trivia contest, along with the
announcement of last week’s winner (pics too!). Prepare for at least a
few pronunciation-related jokes on this one. Now, we recorded all this
for the peoples. All you have to do is giddy-up, grab the show, and vote fer us. Yeehaw!

VGDJ: Shownotes #047

[00:00] Even slightly addled celebrities love VGDJ!

We wish a happy Independence Day to our American listeners. As for our
non-American listeners? THBBBPPPPT. Join us as we commit acts of
lollygagging and tomfoolery in our OCR thread. Also, it’s a new month, so the rankings on podcastalley are cleared: thusly, please vote for us!

[05:05] We’re
considering recording a special episode (in between our normal
releases) centered around the basics of ReMixing and how you can get
started. If you’re interested and have suggestions for the type of
stuff you’d like to hear about, post in our thread or send us an email; [email protected] .

[07:07] The Rama Report: 🙁

[07:59] ReMix Review: From Starfox 64: ‘V to the X Power‘ by DZComposer … A prominent contributor to the ReMixing forum
on OCR, DZComposer specializes in orchestral mixes as well as Starfox.
He does not let us down here with an intricate – albeit, slightly
esoteric – arrangement. Those accustomed to dramatic, film score-esque
orchestral mixes might be a little disappointed in this, but we
recommend it nonetheless.

[11:10] ReMix Review: From Zelda 2: ‘Battle of the Hylian Hero‘ by Random Hero
… Ok, so we weren’t feeling this one too much. It’s got all the
makings of a solid orchestral ReMix, but we thought it lacked a certain
expansiveness in comparison to the original, and that it relied on
repetition too much. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by all the exquisite
orchestral mixes already on the site, so by all means, dig the track
and make your own opinion.

[14:08] The Compo Report: FLMC, PRC, and TOMC. Elegantly presented as always, Chad.

[16:44] The first winner of the VGDJ Awkward Trivia Giveaway contest has been selected: it’s q-pa! Congratulations! We’ll be sending him a copy of SGX‘s
newest album “Chroma” as well as his remix album “Better Than Sliced
Beats.” q-pa’s anecdote involved him joining a university band and
playing the bagpipes, which in and of itself is somewhat amusing, but
he also sent us pictures of himself. In a kilt. You can see those in our album,
of course. For everyone else that sent in something: it was a tough
choice for us, as there was lots of funny material in there. You still
have several more chances left!

Anyway, this week, it’s up to you to prove to us that you’ve really
been listening; how do both pixietricks and I pronounce the following
ReMixer names: chthonic, ambient, McVaffe, and Shnabubula? In addition,
we want to know the most embarassing CD (or MP3) in your music
collection. Leave your answer as a voicemail at 1-800-990-VGDJ. Don’t
forget to email us your physical address so that we know where to send
your goodies. As with last week, you have until noon Thursday (July
6th) to send in your answer.

[21:02] The Meetup Report: Bzzzzzzzzt…. The Otakon meetup (at Otakon 2006
of course) already has a good fourteen expected participants, and don’t
forget about the OCR panel at 10am August 4th! A good chunk of people
have expressed interest in a Utah meetup in Salt Lake City, so if you’re in the area, check that thread. Lastly, the Brisbane and Sydney meetups have finally happened: hooray!

[23:37] The
folks at the Brisbane meetup (Dr. Wily, BlueMage, JamPaladin,
Snooper1989, GSlicer, and Jivemaster) recorded a little something for
us. Sounds like they had fun! Check out the thread for pictoorz.

[25:50] Russian ReMix Roulette: Ah-bay? Ayb? It looks like pronunciation is the theme of this show.
It has been suggested that we start keeping score… (zircon edit: not
if we count the Japanese composers!) But anyway, some old-school beats
from BenCousins today. From Zelda: Link’s Awakening: ‘AnimalVillageGreenwichVillage‘.

Having seen each other three times in the last few months, we muse a
bit on how fun OCR meetups can be, and how they can really make the
community more tight-knit. Also, pixietricks pwns Noob… get it? :>
Anyway, we be chillin’ up in Pville again, and hopefully we’ll be
seeing the brothers Riley, DCT, and McVaffe soon too. Hey, we gotta
take vacations too sometimes.

[37:23] Arguably, this is the first time in over a month that we haven’t
had a special episode.. though, one might consider the July 4th theme
to be special, in a way. But I’m sure our loyal fans with 56k don’t
mind a less than 50 minute episode. VOTE since it’s a new month, and send in your feedback to [email protected] or post in our OCR thread. See ya next week!

[40:28] VOICEMAIL:
debeerguy007, DrumUltimA, debeerguy007 again, fivre, dj scorcher (?),
LAOS, zircon, and Pixie’s dearest husband: Rama.

[44:42] [stinger]

Background music used in episode 047, in order of appearance:

– “America” by Neil Diamond
– “But Mr. Adams” from the musical 1776
– Rayman 2 ‘Disconnected’ by chthonic
– “The Lees of Old Virginia” from 1776
– “Fly Me to the Moon [Aya Bossa Techno]” from the Evangelion OST
– Chrono Trigger/FF9 ‘Knights Come Marching Home’ by Ailsean
– Gunsmoke ‘Spaghetti Cowboy’ by Gux
– “Epona Song/Lon Lon Ranch” from the Legends of Zelda Rearrange Album
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– “America” from the musical West Side Story
– “God Bless America” performed by Celine Dion
– Mega Man ‘Magnet Man Goes West’ by Disco Dan

VGDJ #46 – The Liontamer Roars!

From the VGDJ Website, “Boy, have we got a show for you! We’ve kicked off our first ever
Awkward Trivia Giveaway contest, where you can win some great CD’s from
SGX, including his brand new album, Chroma. But that’s just the
beginning. For your listening pleasure, we’ve baked a (zircon) birthday
cake layered with ReMix Reviews, meetup madness, interviews with radio
personalities Liontamer and D-Lux, and of course a zesty stinger on top! It’s time to quit your podcast diet and gorge yourself on VGDJ 046. Nom nom nom…”

VGDJ: Episode #044 SF2 Special!

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

back from Video Games Live with a vengeance, delivering another
plus-sized episode for your listening pleasure! Street Fighter 2 is the
theme, and we’ve got Shael Riley on board with us for an extended
interview about the latest OC ReMix project, Blood on the Asphalt. The usual suspects Cyan_Ide, Rama, and DrumUltimA are back with their weekly reports, (welcome back, guys!)
and of course we’ve got our other regular features, as well as some
tasty tidbits about video game music on the radio. Finally, ever wonder
if your favorite hosts ever slip up here and there…? Dig it!
[00:00] A timeless mystery: WTF is Ryu saying?!
[00:54] Our hosts are pumped up
for a butt-kickin’, Street Fighter 2-themed show. In fact, with your
help, we’ve fought our way to the top of the music charts on PodcastAlley. So just keep those assists coming and we’ll be one step closer to ‘world champion’!
[04:28] The Rama Report: May results for Dwelling of Duels are in (goat came in first) and June’s DoD theme is Goemon, Mystical Ninja. VGM remixer xoc releases a new, experimental album. zyko has also released a new album of original music, entitled “Survival”, at VGmix. Rama has finished an OCR skin for Winamp 3, but more importantly, has been working with Dhsu on an OCR-skinning and customization project called “OverClocked ReMix ReMix“.
[10:37] ReMix Review: From Metal Slug 2: ‘No Need to Reload‘ by RoeTaKa
… After numerous very close attempts at getting a ReMix on the site,
this was the winner for Roe, and for good reason! This mix is a
high-octane, over-the-top synth rock track that can be easily likened
to the energetic remixes of S.S.H. The gritty and edgy sound might not be everyone’s favorite, but there’s no denying the quality of this one.
[14:27] The Compo Report: A slightly sickly Cyan_Ide encourages us to participate in and vote on various competitions: TOMC13, FLMC2, PRC69, and ORC48. Awwww, snufflenutters! ;_;
[16:56] Video game music and radio? Inconceivable, but it’s true! GameMusicRadio
features 24/7 streaming VGM (American and Japanese), as well as two
radio shows that can be downloaded on demand, much like ours.
Meanwhile, RadioSEGA is a
UK-based internet stream also featuring 24/7 music (of course, only
SEGA tunes) with no talking. If you enjoy our show, give these two
virtual stations a listen.
[19:57] The Meetup Report: Australia meetups
are being developed, with a definite Sydney meetup on July 1st at the
Town Hall steps. Perth and Briz-BUN meetups are also planned for July,
but have not been set in stone.
[23:03] Russian ReMix Roulette:
Will zircon’s fantasy of seven-sharp piano music be fulfilled? What
about pixietricks and her deep-rooted TO bias? The answer is a
resounding “NO”; oh well, even the presence of Tommy Tallarico couldn’t
help our luck, so we don’t feel so bad. Anyway, orkybash‘s mix isn’t bad either – from Final Fantasy 6: ‘Ruined Skies‘.
[31:52] Shael Riley: veteran ReMixer, community hero, and director of the Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Project, Blood on the Asphalt.
He has joined us for an extensive interview covering the concept of the
project, its history, the ups and downs, and much more. Thanks for the
interview, dude! Awesome job to everyone involved. Also, check out
Shael’s original album, jam packed with ridiculous fun!
VOICEMAIL: Thanks Rama, Rexy, and Fusion2004! As you can see from
Rexy’s example, international callers ARE in fact able to reach our
number. If you’re British, this should work for you:
* Dial the access number for calls to the United States – check here for the number, which sometimes changes once in a while.
When it says “please enter the number you would like to call and finish
by pressing the hash (#) button” you just type 00 and THEN the VGDJ
number. In this case it’s 001 800 990 VGDJ (8435 if you can’t see any
letters imprinted on your phone).
* If you hear the VGDJ intro
music followed by our hosts speaking about the answering machine, you
know you’re at the right place.
[55:03] [stinger]

Background music used in Episode 044, in order of appearance:

– ‘New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)’ by Vurez
– ‘Urban Uppercut (Sagat Stage)’ by bLiNd
– ‘Wallstreet Monster (Blanka Stage)’ by Joshua Morse and Richter
– Azumanga Daioh stuff with the Compo Report
– ‘R U Overdrize (Ryu Stage)’ by AkumajoBelmont and BrainCells
– ‘Home at Last (Dhalism Ending)’ by Malcos
– “Hi, Score! (Ranking Display) by Shael Riley
– Tetris ‘McVaffe Quasi UltiMix’ by McVaffe
– ‘Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage)’ by zircon
– ‘Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalism Stage)’ by Malcos
– ‘Thank You, Dee Jay (Dee Jay Stage)’ by José the Bronx Rican
– ‘Made in USA (Ken Stage)’ by Sixto Sounds
– ‘I Don’t Fight Boys (Chun-Li Stage) by Red Tailed Fox and Malcos
– ‘Ending Credits Mix (Staff Roll)’ by Damien Krauss

* Note – all tracks aside from the Azumanga Daioh music and Quasi UltiMix are from the SSF2 PROJECT, of course. :>

VGDJ: Episode #043 VGL Edition!

Our longest episode yet, this special edition of VGDJ brings you a
behind-the-scenes look at Video Games Live! Besides a sizable amount of
ReMix Reviews, aided by the Pretz himself, we managed to snag
interviews with six (!) of the composers and performers involved in the
concert, including mister Tommy Tallarico, of course. Even without our
standard reports, there’s more video game music material here than you
can shake a stick at, so ya’ll would be nuts not to check this one out!
[00:00] Darkesword hookin’ us up with the speech synth/beatbox action. Phat! Get ready for the longest show evaaaarrrrr.
[01:08] This week’s show was recorded in a variety of locations, but we started in the dressing rooms backstage at Video Games Live accompanied by djpretzel. Anyway, there’s a lot of podcast to be podcasted, so before you begin, drop us a vote at podcastalley.
[03:43] ReMix Review: From Ghouls ‘N Ghosts: ‘Poltergeist Mix‘ by binster
… A tasty combination of classic synth sounds and cutting-edge ones
on top of an awesome beat. All three of us were diggin’ this.
[06:04] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘New Mexican Thunderbird‘ by Vurez
… It might not be very urban in the traditional sense, but this very
unique remix certainly deserves it’s spot on the Blood on the Asphalt
remix project.
[09:16] ReMix Review: From Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: ‘Flying Heaven‘ by zircon
… Yes. YES. You might not think ethnic instruments and slammin’
breakbeats would combine well, but as demonstrated by this mix, they
most certainly do.
[12:07] ReMix Review: From Raptor: ‘PlectraSubCity‘ by TO
… Smooth, ambient material in this one. pixietricks was swooning over
TO’s vocals, which were the high point of this solid remix.
[15:31] Co-composer for Halo and Halo 2 Michael Salvatori grants us an interview telling about his experience writing for one of the most popular franchises of all time.
[23:39] The video game pianist Martin Leung
showed up at VGL, much to the delight of everyone attending, and gave
us an interview too! If you haven’t seen this blindfolded,
Mario-playing dude, you must be living under a rock. Great to meet you,
[28:47] Gerard Marino,
the lead composer for God of War and it’s in-development sequel, gives
us his thoughts on the state of video game music today, as well as his
own experience working on an epic soundtrack.
It’s not just about the orchestral music! Marcus Henderson, the primary
player for Guitar Hero and the upcoming sequel, was happy to talk with
us. Rock on, dude, rock on.
[44:00] Composer, conductor.. remixer? Composer Jack Wall had a lot to say about his work for the Myst series, his upcoming projects, and more.
[53:28] Tommy Tallarico;
does this legendary American vgm composer really need an introduction?
We sat down with him for a bit and got a nice, full-length interview.
But that’s not all. He also helped with…
[70:38] Russian ReMix Roulette:
Before the epic, heavy-metal rolling of the die, Tommy gives us an
exclusive about an upcoming project – listen closely, because it’s
awesome! Anyway, while an Earthworm Jim remix was on the list, double
T’s dare-devil, heavy metal roll landed on Wizards and Warriors: ‘Theme‘ by bazooie.
[75:45] We
are left with an inspirational message to the members of the OCR
community, and a prediction about the future of video game music that
we certainly hope is going to come true. Thanks, Tommy!
We’re at the meet and greet right after VGL with Merk, Atma Weapon,
Steve (D-Lux), and Moguta who all tell us what they thought of the
show. Believe it or not, the line to meet all the composers (and djp)
was so long that not even everyone got to get autographs before the
theatre closed. Video game music unpopular? Not today! XD
Phew! What a day, and what an episode. We have nothing but love for the
people who put Video Games Live together – thanks for all the
interviews. Check out all the pics in our Action Shot Photo Album,
starting on page 5! Also, Paul & Paul were there the whole time
picking up some great footage, so don’t forget to check their site for
news on their upcoming video game music documentary. Now, after hearing all that, surely you’ve voted for us by now… right? We loooooove youuuuuu…
[83:48] VOICEMAIL: Abadoss, Agent Scazers, and Less Ashamed of Self.
[86:17] [stinger]