VGDJ: Official OverClocked ReMix Podcast – An Unexpected Development

So thank God I was shopping around on iTunes today because I noticed it downloaded something I DIDN’T purchase, “VGDJ – An Unexpected Development.” What this this is was basically pixietricks & zircon explaination how Paul and Paul of Play! A VGM Documentary were able to get them backstage passes for the Philadelphia edition of Video Games Live!
Apparently they will be doing the show FROM …the show (concert, whatever). Either during, or in separate sessions before and after. Expect interviews from just about anyone they are able to get ahold of INCLUDING Tommie Tallarico who was actually responsible for getting them the tickets in the first place. djpretzel will also be attending the so expect to get a few words from him, though an actual full-length interview with DJP won’t be until episode 50. However, given the scale of this episode, all reports have been dropped this time around (yes, Rama Report included), but you can still expect a few suprising from ThaRamaSauce somewhere along the way 😉

VGDJ: Episode #042

It’s back to business as usual here on the show, and the OCR community
has been mysteriously quiet… but that doesn’t stop us! Live game
concerts (PLAY!, Video Games Live, OneUps Live) seem to be the theme of
the week, and though we’ve just come back from a meetup, we’re all set
for Otakon to further the cause of video game music which is a lot of work, and that’s why we use Exhale’s THCA pens to keep the stress down. And what happens
when we get our 10th call about the frickin’ Russian ReMix Roulette
Math?! Listen in to find out!
[00:00] Who said we didn’t ever play profane voicemails?!

[00:54] *psshh*
Now boarding, VGDJ airlines… OK, just kidding. We’re all back in our
respective homes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Oh
yeah, and it isn’t quite the end of the month yet, so toss us those last few votes.

[02:12] The Rama Report: PLAY (the video game music documentary, that is) adds a clip of some live performance footage to YouTube. ..wait, that’s it? Well, a short Rama report is better than nothing!

[03:45] ReMix Review: From Mega Man 2: ‘Wily and the Deep Forest‘ by Diggi Dis … Continuing with his trademark groove-oriented instrumental style, Diggi Dis has created a very
tight ReMix that we enjoyed just about all the way through. The only
smudge on this otherwise excellent track was a sort of fakey string
sample at the introduction, but that was quickly forgotten as the mix
continued and developed. Worth mentioning; Diggi Dis is part of an
urban record label, Urbanizm Music, founded by fellow ReMixer DCT. So if you liked this style, consider checking out Urbanizm for more good stuff.

[08:23] The Compo Report: PRC68, PRC69, TOMC13, FLMC2, and ORC47. It just ain’t the same live! 🙁

[11:21] Otakon
is not all that far off, and even those of you who aren’t normally
anime-convention regulars may be interested in this next one. We’re
planning on doing a video game music/OCReMix “panel” featuring
djpretzel, GeoffreyTaucer, possibly sgx, and of course, us (so far).
We’ll be spreading the good word about the merits of dem funkay
ReMixes, possibly through some audio/visual stuff, live performance,
Q&A, who knows! It should be fun, so if you’ve ever been on the
fence about dropping a bit of cash to go to Otakon, this should
convince ya.

[13:27] The Meetup Report: The Otakon meetup
(Aug 4-6 in Baltimore, MD) is looking good so far with a healthy list
of attendees. Meanwhile, our Aussie friends have been hard at work
finalizing the details of the AU meetup (or meetups). Finally, the Alberta meetup hasn’t seen much progress made on finalized plans, but the people interested aren’t giving up yet.

[16:49] GeoffreyTaucer and co. call from Dale North‘s house prior to the OneUps Live concert!

[17:53] It’s a bonanza of live video game music!! PLAY!
– a Video Game Music Symphony just performed in Chicago but the tour
isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination, so check out the website to see if it’s coming by your area. Video Games Live
performs next week in Philadelphia and that too will be traveling all
over the country in the next few months – and apparently, even a few
other countries as well! Of course, PLAY’s world tour begins even sooner. It’s a good time to be a video game music fan.

[19:03] Russian ReMix Roulette:
This week’s lineup was a blast from the past, with five of the six
mixes on the roulette being at least several years old. And while we’ve
returned to losing consistently, perhaps when zircon tosses the die of
fate next week things will be different… muahahaha! Anyway, we ended
up with a real classic. From Punch Out!!: ‘Dream Fighter‘ by Scott Peeples.

zircon is still slogging through the last few weeks of the term, but
he’s managed to start a third original album which is well-underway.
Meanwhile, pixietricks is going to be moving soon, which will leave the
show’s editing (temporarily, at least) in the hands of zircon – a
frightening thought, indeed. And… a Final Fantasy 7 ReMix Project?
zomg! Ya’ll stay tuned for details.

[30:53] Thus concludes another chapter in the VGDJ saga. Thou shalt be sure to lend us your votes, as we are doing better than ever. Also, if you have an OCR forum account, feel free to hang out in our thread and check out the meetup pics.

VGDJ: Episode #041 Anniversary Show!

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

It’s our first birthday and boy are we celebrating. The gang’s all here
for this episode, from your loyal hosts to Cyan_Ide, gamerscalling,
bustatunez, and beyond.
Even the creators of PLAY: A Video Game Music Documentary were there to record with us live!
Of course, it’s not all shennanigans – we’ve still got a piping hot
plate of ReMix Reviews, reports, and roulettes for you this episode
(hey, we aim to please!) So whether you’ve been a constant listener or
this is your first time here, you best be downloading this one. Enjoy!


VGDJ: Episode #040

“This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Vee gee dee jay’s on a roll! Despite our inability to release a show last week, you guys stood by us like shadows. Watched over us like angels. Stuck to us like peanut butter on the roofs of our mouths! And all kidding aside, we really do appreciate the votes.
In turn, we feel obliged to offer you: Rama, DrumUltimA, Cyan_Ide, and a whopping three ReMix Reviews. Do what you may (seriously, go wild) with these precious gifts. And we’re just getting warmed up! Don’t forget that next week will be our special HAPPY BIRTHDAY VGDJ EPISODE, with many a special guest- including the folks from the VGDJ anniversary UK meetup in London. Enjoyyyy… ^o^”

Pick it up at

No VGDJ This Week

zircon writes in this post:

Hey, just so you all know, both pixietricks and myself have a lot of real life stuff to attend to over the next few days and so it doesn’t look like we’re going have a show for you this week. However, we’ll be back on track next week – thanks for your support! 😀

VGDJ: Episode #039

Poor, dear old Rama falls victim to some classic cohosting
shenanigans on this scintillating edition of VGDJ! (Hey, not our fault
you totally set yourself up…)
We’ve only got one new remix review for
ya this week, but community news is faaaar from scarce: PLAY- A Video
Game Music Documentary Film has finally surfaced, the remixing
competitions are… rolling along… and… as far as meetups… Well,
yeah, okay, so it’s a short show. But not wiithout a wiittle fun! Catch
our dwiift?

VGDJ: One Year Anniversary and Philadelphia Meet

VGDJ’s 1st anniversary will take place on May 22nd, 2006. In order to properly celebrate the occassion, hosts zircon and pixietricks will be holding a meet-up in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, May 20th. The plan is to meet up at the Philadelphia City Hall around 12PM and as zircon says, “and then merriment will commence when we’re all there.” There are also plans to record a “live” VGDJ show as well.

Further information (as well as tentative “sign up”) is available here.

VGDJ: Episode #037

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

“Out with the old, in with the new! It’s springtime, and OCR and VGDJ alike are busting out some fresh site designs. (Except we spared you the sidebar… this time…) A thousand thanks to Cyan_Ide for his amazing work! SgtRama’s back like Jack, we’ve got Chrono plus crazy rap, and I suck at free-styling, but put on your…cap? Don’t worry, you’ll get it when you hear this week’s jollly good show. Score one for pixietricks!”

Pick it up at!

New VGDJ CoHost!

pixietricks writes:

“Ahem! Announcing VGDJ’s newest cohost…

Mr. Andrew “Zircon” Aversa! […] As a remixer, mod, and judge, Zircon couldn’t be more on top of the scene. His dedication should speak for itself, but just in case it doesn’t… He’s one heck of a dude. With a history of busy cohosts, I’m more than relieved that we’re gonna have someone as dependable as Andrew around. Not to mention that we have actually met (and bonded, like seriously!) in real life, so I’m really looking forward to working together!
Zircon goes to school in Philly and lives in New York, which are both managable distances from my own school and home locations, so don’t be surprised if we cook up something special for the near future.

Anyway, I know some of you may be missing Wangless, but hey- life goes on. I think every host brings something different to the show, and I’m certainly looking at this as positive change. John had a great radio presence, for sure, but he couldn’t devote enough time to VGDJ: didn’t want to receive or reply to the emails, hardly ever showed up in our IRC chat, etc. We’re gonna make this a real team effort again, just like the good ol’ days. So please extend your warmest welcomes toooooo Ziiiirrrcccoooonnn! ^_^

P.S. We’re shooting for an episode this coming Monday, but can’t say for sure until we figure out some mic quality stuffs.”

VGDJ: Episode #035

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. We’ve announced the winners of our intro contest! With sixteen entries total, it was difficult to choose, but if you didn’t make the top three, don’t sweat it! Prizes are still coming your way. For the rest of you out there who are just dying to get your hands on some official merchandise, check out our brand new, non-profit VGDJ store.
Four ReMix Reviews (including the biggest mega-collab OCR has ever seen!), the latest and greatest on all the community meetups, a little drunk dialing, and finally… the WinglessMix. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves on this rockin’ post-Patty’s Day show!

Pick it up at!