The Megas Release Get Equipped!

Get Equipped!
TheMegas posted over @ OCR:

Hey all – just wanted you to know that our album Get Equipped is
finally out! We’ve been recording the thing for over a year, but at
long last ran out of things to delay its release any further
Anyway, if you haven’t heard our stuff before, we’ve put together an
album based off the Mega Man 2 soundtrack, but we added lyrics to give
each of the characters some extra dimension. We’ve submitted our
version of the Airman stage theme to OCR, but it is still awaiting
approval. In the meantime, visit our myspace or our official site to
check it out.

You can get the album for $10 + $3 SH, or via Digital Download.

VGL Announces Additional Shows for 2008

On Wednesday, January 16, Video Games Live announced an additional 40 shows on its’ already huge lineup. As well as some additional “special performances” to take place during big name events.
Here is the announcement from VGL’s web site:


Countries Include Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Mexico, China, U.S., Canada & MORE

Performances to Take Place During Game Developers Conference, San Diego
Comic-Con, Leipzig Games Convention, Broadway in New York City and a
7,000 Seat Bullring in Mexico!

ANGELES, CA – Having already performed to sold out audiences around the
world since 2005, the most successful video game concert in the world –
Video Games Live will continue its ground-breaking tour in 2008 with
the announcement of 40 performances across the globe. Video Games Live
is produced and created by veteran video game composers Tommy Tallarico
and Jack Wall. It features music from the most popular video games
performed by top orchestras and choirs, combining exclusive video
footage and music arrangements along with synchronized state-of-the-art
lighting, solo performers, special fx, stage show production,
electronic percussion, unique on-stage interactive segments with the
audience and a pre-show festival.

Video Games Live is best described as utilizing the power & emotion
of a symphony orchestra mixed with the energy and excitement of a rock
concert combined with the cutting edge visuals, technology,
interactivity and fun that video games provide. Video Games Live is
not just a concert, but a celebration of the entire video game industry
that people of all ages adore.

The highest and most prestigious level of symphony and venue quality
continues with the announcement of some of the world’s most renowned
orchestras and local theatres, halls, auditoriums and arenas. To
further attract the biggest audience possible, Video Games Live also
partners with pop-culture’s most important conferences and conventions.

Here’s a link to the news article on VGL, They also list all of the new stops at the bottom of the article, so go and check those out to see if VGL is coming to a city near you!

Multi-headlines: BACK!

I’m glad to announce that Suzu was about to fix my all-time favorite features on the site: the Multi-headlines module!
For those of you unfamiliar with the Multi-headlines module (as it’s been broke for awhile now), it’s a single massive RSS feed comprised of multiple RSS feeds from stuff that would be generally interesting to people in the community. Gaming news, music news, artist updates, webcomics, podcasts, WE GOT IT ALL.

You can subscribe to the whole feed via RSS.

The Grammar Club GREEN Edition Announced

At long last, the liner notes have arrived, in the form of a complete
and total re-launch of Bremelanotide. Our album now comes in two forms:
standard blue, with the seven songs you know and love, untouched, and
special green, with all seven original songs plus an eighth bonus
track, instrumental versions of each song including the bonus track,
and lossless FLAC or super high-quality mp3 encoding. Both versions
come with entirely new album art–the old art was near and dear to us,
but a little too plain for the year 2008–and liner note, complete with
lyrics. Best of all, you have to buy the green version.

Not down with that? Cheer up. It’s only $5, and we’ll be donating all the proceeds to Child’s Play.

Peep the album page for details.

Now, not only do we have the new versions of Bremelanotide for you
tonight, but we also have six brand new fliers for you to print up on
our flier page. Fliers two through six feature character-sheet style
presentations of each member of the band, while flier seven is a
beautiful photo manip, depicting photos of each member alongside an
old-school cassette tape and a movie theatre ticket stub. It’s better
than it sounds.

All fliers were created and submitted by friends and fans, to whom
we are totally grateful. Said gratitude manifests primarily as credits
on the fliers page.

That’s about it, but do join our forums! And keep bumping our songs on our page at The Sixty One. We wanna make front page!

Until next time, tah-tah!


MAGFest VI has Rocked Out

As posted by Ill_Demon on the officlal MAGFest website:

Thanks to all who were at MAGFest VI! This one rocked as hard as any
other, and was so smooth overall that the hotel staff complimented us
on how polite the group was!
There were a few incidents, and to keep the rumor mill under control, I’ll lay out the basics of the major ones:

– Hotel vandalism: a few lampshades, phones, and fire
extinguishers were damaged. The people responsible for the room where
the damaged stuff ended up were removed from the hotel, as well as one
other person partly responsible for the vandalism itself.

– Someone entered the concert without a badge, and when security
stopped him, he ran past them into the concert again. Rumor note: he
was not kicked out for crowd surfing. Crowd surfing has not been
allowed at MAGFest for the last 2 years because of safety and liability
concerns, like expensive low-hanging chandeliers, but we would not kick
anyone out for it. We just pull them down off the crowd and ask them
not to do it again.

– Assault, with riot cops: This one generated the most stories.
Yes, there were heavily armed cops. No, it wasn’t a big deal. It was an
over-reaction by the police to a 911 call for a simple punch.

– Fire alarm: A pipe burst in the garage, and triggered a water
pressure alarm related to the sprinkler system. It had nothing to do
with MAGFest, but it did get us all outside for a few minutes. =]

Everyone involved with any of these above mentioned incidents was
impressively cool about it, and most will be welcomed back next year.
Please contact us if you have a question about your status with MAGFest.

Anyone who would like to send a note of thanks to the Hilton, or the
Dorsai Irregulars (our volunteer security group) please use the contact
link on the left. We will be compiling these notes and sending along
one big letter.

This year went so smoothly that next year’s dates may be confirmed in the next week or 2. Check back here soon!

VGFrequency: MAGFest Day 3 Report

Larry has finally gotten his Saturday report of MAGFest up posted on the VGF blog. It outlines the OCR panel, the Saturday concerts, and includes the creepiest picture of him ever with Elaine of Select Start.

After missing Day 2, I was definitely ready to get back on the horse for MAGFest. OC ReMix had its panel that day, so of course I represented my homebase. Along with djpretzel and myself, fellow judges zircon, pixietricks, Big Giant Circles and CHz were on board the panel presentation that day for an impressive show of staff power.

Rather than going through our traditional presentation for the
uninitiated, we were in front of a crowd where the major majority of
people were already familiar with OverClocked ReMix. This year, we
highlighted all the important developments at OCR for 2007, including Voices of the Lifestream, attending Video Games Live, the debut of the Content Policy, revising the Submission Standards and Instructions and developing translations of our most important information for several languages. OCR’s latest album project, Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate, released during MAGFest itself, was given a preview to the audience by director Brad “the prophet of mephisto” Burr, to an excellent reception.

Highlighting upcoming developments for 2008, we’ve got some great
stuff on the way. Our first live full orchestra arrangement from Wild ARMs is on the way, we’ve got our first mother-son ReMix collaboration as well from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. djp
showed off his plans for swanky new composer pages that’ll show off a
lot more information about the men and women who inspire the
contributors to OCR, using Tim Follin
to give the people a look at how composers are laid out with more
information than ever; look for that to go live in the next few days.
We also pimped some AMVs including clips of some of the Voices of the Lifestream AMV contest (soon to be judged so that we can get those swanky prizes out there) as well as the Spittin’ Narcissism fanvid by Psycosis91. Plenty of good stuff to promote, not even taking into account our bread and butter of posting creative, free ReMixes.

After a huge dinner with the OCR meetup group, it was time for the
second and final night of concerts. Let’s go short and sweet: The
moshing this year was definitely toned down a great deal compared to
last year. Not that anyone was cracking down on it, there just wasn’t
nearly as much this year as last. Let’s not also forget props to NO CARRIER and noteNdo
for the NES-created visuals that adorned both nights of performances.
You’ve got to see it to believe it, they were a nostalgic acid trip.

Powerglove was excellent. They
always have an unbelievable amount of energy to their performances,
including some badass costumes. I personally hate the Power Rangers
theme, but when they played it for some brief non-VGM material, they
definitely got the crowd going. I would have loved to have seen Chris Marchiel’s Guitar Hero synth in play, but was perfectly glad “settling” for some awesome material from Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s “So Sexy Robotnik“!

I was legitimately worried that Select Start, in their first MAGFest performance,
wouldn’t be as much of a draw with the crowd, who are used to rock and
metal VG cover bands acts, but the masses turned out in a big way. We
probably could have used some chairs during their set, since there was
no reason to stand up for the whole thing. They put on a really classy
performance. Frontman Austin Harley started off a little shaky with the
opening solo on one track, but regrouped with a joke and was off to the
races. The best part of the set had to be when the crowd exploded with
whooping and applause to the end of the first track, which visibly took
the entire sextet by surprise.

Elaine Li & Larry Oji @ MAGFest 6

When I talked to violinist Elaine Li after the set along with Big Giant Circles,
she confirmed that the group had never received that kind of reaction
ever before in their history of live performances, and that it was
great to be in an atmosphere where everyone already knows and respects
game music, making it so much easier to get immersed in the
performance. Indeed, hearing Metroid “Kraid’s Hideout”, Chrono Trigger “Theme of Frog’s” and Final Fantasy III “Eternal Wind” live was a big highlight. Along with Mustin and ktriton
joining in for one song, the crew did a great job with their first
MAGFest appearance, so hopefully they walked away already thinking
about how to return next year.

This Place is Haunted
played their final show with guitarist Michael Motorcycle, who’s
leaving the band to begin medical school. Who would have pegged him for
it? (We at VGF wish him the best of luck, to be sure.) The band’s set
was a lot more of a balance between VGM and other retro material (The
theme to Sanford and Son??? Let’s throw it on there!); I’ll admit I’m
partial to VGM and would have appreciated more…exclusivity on that
level. I mentioned to Shael Riley, who’s a big fan of the band, that This Place
just has some impeccable chops. Both Michael Motorcycle and Epileptic
Peat were playing some really involved runs and solos with just pro
precision; it was quite a sight to behold being so close to the stage.
Here’s hoping these bros regroup somehow so that they can keep putting
out quality material, especially because they spotlight tons of
otherwise obscure VGM to arrange.

Last but not least, the final band of the night was The Smash Bros. Running strong from their performance at the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, MAGFest’s house band took on a new flavor with ktriton replacing Shawn Phase
on drums and doing an amazing job; there was definitely a great amout
of synergy between him and the rest of the band. Before the set
started, we were all instructed to listen to the noise playing over the
speakers. A few of us thought it was rain SFX until a wonderful smell
wafted across the concert hall. In between tracks, Pappy and Joe Cam
were cooking bacon outside the hotel and feeding it to the crowd!
Enhancing the experience was a microphone brought over to the pig meat
so that the entire crowd could hear it sizzling. I was able to snag a
full-sized strip of bacon in the first wave of free pork before the
bros had to start cutting it up to offer it to everyone. Definitely a
hilarious bonus, the crowd chanted “Bacon! Bacon!” with ferocity with
every break. The eclectic VGM set of the Bros. (Ailsean, ktriton, Midee, norg, Prozax, Roy McClanahan & virt) included U.N. Squadron, Phoenix Wright, EarthBound and Contra 4
in easily the most diverse set of the festival. They need to record
their shows via the mixing boards at MAG and sell, sell, sell.

Anyone who doubts whether or not they should attend MAGFest would
become a believer if only to experience the greatness of even one night
of the concerts, and that’s only one night out of four days. I’ll be
back tomorrow to wrap up the rundown of my time at MAG.

SnappleMan Announces Contra IV ReMix Project

Cross-posted on both the Shizz & VGMix:

Shut up. I know, OMG VIRT music LOL! Whatever, the game has awesome music and it’s Contra, simple as that.

yeah, I REALLY like this soundtrack, it’s one of the best I’ve ever
heard and I think it deserves to be ruined by an overambitious project
that’ll span every corner of the “remixing”/”arranging” scene.

This will be open to anyone and everyone. Here are a few rules and guidelines for everyone to keep in mind:

All songs are to be approved by me and a few others who I will choose
to “judge”. If you worked on a song for 2 months and it still sucks,
too bad.

2. All songs are to be arranged in a “conservative”
manner. Meaning, I don’t want you to take a fast, aggressive song and
turn it into ambient bullshit. The music has lots of intricate details
and layers to work with, you can arrange it without taking it to places
it shouldn’t go. Also, I have to approve your idea before you can be
considered for the project, and everyone is required to send me a 1
minute demo before I can lock them in to work on the song they chose.

COLLABORATE! This music is really difficult to learn/play/arrange. I
encourage everyone to hook up in teams and really get to know the song
they’re doing and each members strengths.

4. What 3 said, the
most important thing here is making sure the music is KING. So yeah,
you will need to have spot on performances (if doing something with
live recordings), and good sounds. If you write a great arrangement but
your sounds are sub-par, consider letting someone take your work and
put it through their setup. I will do this for anyone who wants it, and
I don’t want any credit, all I want is for the music to sound its best.
If you can do a really awesome straight cover and just add a solo,
that’s great (and most likely all I’ll be doing!… trust me, learning
some of these songs is a project within itself)!!

This will not be OCR, VGMix or DoD exclusive, I have no idea how we’ll release yet. It’s a free for all at this point.

I know I’m talking like a dick, but I’ve had enough experience with
these things to know exactly what I want from the music and from my
team. This project is gonna have a “band” or “team” mentality. Everyone
can give input, help out on other tracks, or whatever, as long as it
sounds good. All that matters is the end result. I am recruiting people
as we speak, and this is gonna be cross posted to OCR, the Shizz and
anyplace else where I can get some quality musicians. This has to be
done quickly because the game is as popular as it’s gonna get and I
wanna strike while the mac-n-cheese is hot!

So I say onto you, the words of the famous George E. Nowik: LET’S ATTACK AGGRESSIVELY!

Also, link to the soundtrack (any mirrors are welcome! THANKS!):…/Contra%204.rar

Title – SnappleMan + Norg
Jungle 1 – SnappleMan
Laboratory + Waterfall – SnappleMan
Boss 1 + Pursuit – SnappleMan
Base – Sixto
Ocean – SnappleMan
Factory – Norg
Neo City – Sixto
Alien Hive + Heart Battle – Danimal Cannon (completed)
Harvest Yard + Final Battle – Christian Pacaud
Jungle 2 + Wall 1 – Danimal Cannon
End Credits – virt


Black Viper
Tunnel Boss

As for the rest of the songs, they’re short event type tracks and they need to be incorporated into a few of the songs.

have whatever is not listed here to choose from. Get a demo together
and send it to me as soon as you can, contact me on AIM at SNKFreak,
email me at Andreas.Kotsamanidis at, or Private Message me at
VGMix, OCR or the Shizz. Thanks!