Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2009: Mixer Sign-up

It’s that time of year again, and we’re doing sign-ups for this years Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge. Sign-ups will remain open until this 11:59PM EST this Saturday. After which the song request stage will open up.

For information involving the FBRC and how to sign up, check out the thread at OCReMix.

Fan Art Competition 4 Results. FAC25: Blizzard Games


and the winner is………..RAMANISCENCE!!! Congratulations!

Number 1 – Ramaniscence, Day of the Mario — 21
Number 2 – Davos-Moon, Guybrush Portrait — 14
Number 3 – Starla, Razor and the Scummettes — 7

HERE ARE THE ENTRIES!!!Number 1 – Day of the Mario
Number 2 – Guybrush Portrait
Number 3 – Razor and the Scummettes

And next month’s competition has been announced:

Welcome to the June 2009 edition of OCR’s “official” Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

This month’s theme is Blizzard Games!

“My first impulse thought would be Blizzard games, as I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been done before.

My only hope is that people think beyond StarCraft and WoW and can
dig up some Lost Viking, StarCraft: Ghost, WarCraft/Diablo I D:”

–Ramaniscence, winner of May’s FAC!

PM your entries to me by TUESDAY JUNE 23RD.

Doubles’ Dash Compo Take 2; Sunday, Febuary 15th @ 6PM EST

Doubles' Dash Compo

So I woke up today to a truly poetic invitation from a Mr. Shael Riley. This invitation, to tomorrow Double Dash Compo, is better than any other Valentine’s Day gift I could have hoped to received. As some of you may know we had our FIRST Double Dash Compo only a few days ago, and if I do say so myself it was a Tremendous Achievement of sorts.

I’m particularly obsessed with Shael and starla’s song, myself 😮

(Also: Gratz to starla for getting her first OCReMix in over 7 years posted today.)

Dear Recipient,

I have attached to this email an invitation to
an event so formal that I could not simply invite you in plain text, so
formal that I could not simply invite you in HTML. No, dear and kind
sir or madam, you are hereby invited to an event of such magnitude,
such dignified and uppity importance, that I shall cease explaining it
immediately and direct your attention to the PDF enclosed.

You are invited to participate in the 2nd Doubles’ Dash short-form songwriter party; its rules are as follows: teams of two compete with one another to write and record a vocal pop song over the course of three hours, while in contact with other contestants via IRC chat. The obvious devision of labor entails one team member writing music and the other lyrics, but this is not mandatory. At the end of three hours, all songs are listened to simultaneously and in sequence by each contestant; then, each votes for his or her favorite and a winner is determined. This event will take place during the hours of six to nine pm, Eastern standard time, on the evening of Sunday, February the 15th, 2009. That’s the afternoon of February the 15th 2009 to Westerly types. Please arrive in the IRC channel , on at a quarter to the hour to select your partner, and wear your fanciest pants.

Eagerly anticipating your arrival,

VERSUS Compo, The Battle ReMix Community

VERSUS Compo is a ReMix Competition website that focuses around user created competitions and earning Battle Points, the VC currency. VERSUS Compo started as a friendly competition between two ReMixers that gained a lot of popularity. Soon, a lot of ReMixers started their own VERSUS Compos and they wanted a website dedicated to it. So one of the original ReMixers started constructing this website and has finally finished.
The original Compos that started the website are defaulted and are the
classic Single Battle Compo, which pits 2 ReMixers against each other
in friendly competition, and the winner is decided through public
polls. The other is Championship Compo, which is the website’s
tournament compo. Some compos require Battle Points to enter, while
others are free to enter.

Hope to see you there!

Team Fortress 2 Samplepack Compo

This week we will be holding a special compo. The theme is a samplepack containing all the sound effects and voices from Team Fortress 2. Please be aware that there are a large number of samples and going through them may be somewhat overwhelming – which is one of the reasons why this compo will be open for one week. Starting this Sunday, you may begin your song. Please have it uploaded by next Sunday, July 27th by 9 PM Pacific / Midnight Eastern.

Complete Pack 44.9 MB

If you prefer not to download the whole pack at once, below are the individual components.

Individual Packs 3.73 MB 5.36 MB 3.71 MB 9.41 MB 4.75 MB 169 KB 1.10 MB 3.65 MB 5.17 4.55 3.25

You may use your own samples in addition to this set, and you of course don’t have to use all of them (considering there are 1,780 files total). You must use at least one sample in its entirety. Here is an example:

Good luck!

OLRmageddon Competition XIX: Nintendo 64 and Cats

Overlooked ReMix is now accepting entries for July’s OLRmageddon competition. The theme this month is Nintendo 64 with the bonus theme being anything involving cats.

Yes, cats!

Official thread can be found HERE.

Competition rules and competition history can be found HERE.

contest is open to remixers both old and new, and is open to people
from all remix communities. OLR is great for people with less than
traditional remixing styles, or those looking for more open-minded
submission guidelines.

Mixing ends on July 27th at 11:59 PM EST (8:59 PM for the PST-ers).

Have fun and good luck!

Weekend 90 Minute Compo

This weekend we will be hosting a 90 minute free for all compo. There is no theme, the only rule is you must upload a song that you have written within the time alotted by the end of the compo.

The compo will run Sunday night, April 13th. It will begin at 7:30 PM Pacific (10:30 Eastern) and end at 9 PM Pacific (12 AM Midnight Eastern). Your song must be uploaded by 12:10, voting will be available until next Sunday, April 20th. This compo is for everybody.

OHC Thursday Compos moving ahead 1 hour

OCR Thread:

Starting this week, we are moving the regular Thursday OHC from 5 PM (8 EST) forward one hour so that it will begin at 6 PM (9 EST).

compo will begin at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM eastern. Again, everyone is free
to join up and submit a song. Suggestions for themes are encouraged.
Thank you!

COMPO: FPHC01 – Four-Part Harmony Competition

Escariot has decided to host a four-part harmony compo, as detailed on the OCR forums. The idea was born while brainstorming in , this is a compo where we will create an original sung 2-4 part harmony piece in accordance to the theme – for this first one, lyrics are provided.

Hello and welcome!
This post is a spur of the moment thing, and completely and totally impulsive.

Hello, and welcome to FPHC01!~
FPHC stands for Four-Part Harmony Competition, and this compo will take entries based on themes or lyrics where the entrant has written a multi-part harmony to fit the theme.

1) Entrant must write a 2, 3, or 4-part harmony which uses most, if not all, of the words provided in sequence, or repetition. (Use common sense).
2) Entrants are NOT ALLOWED TO USE ANY FORM OF AUTOTUNING. This includes any proper auto-tuner, vocoders, etc. Anybody caught using any autotuner will be disqualified.
3) Either upload to your own webspace, and PM me the link (DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRY IN THE THREAD OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED) or email the song to me at relaera AT gmail DOT com.

Voting will commence via PM. And will end Sunday, 3/9/08 at 11:59PM

COMPO TO END ON 3/7/08 11:59PM

This week’s theme is brought to you by and RizBow.

“i’m double majoring in mechanical engineering and physics, i use to draw everyday for years, but i wana pick up the pencil again, my singing is getting half way decent, i’m almost as good as frank sinatra, but i haven’t been training that much lately, i’ve reached world class status in 3 video games, i’m barely starting to play racquet ball, i have terrible flexibility and i probably will never have good flexibility”
This will end in such a short period of time because there is already painful amounts of interest on IRC, and I just posted the link. Further FPHCs will have more advance notice… yey…

Zircon Wins ‘A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu’ Competition

The venerable Mr. Aversa is the proud champion of SquareSound’s ‘A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement Competition’ with an impressive score of 96.22%. Andy picks up a promo copy of ‘Voices of the Lifestream’* and two VIP tickets to ‘Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy’ on March 1st for the win — including a meet-and-greet with the man himself, Nobuo Uematsu. Andrew’s winning track, ‘Dirt Devil’, a Final Fantasy VI medley arrangement, is now available for YOUR listening pleasure at OverClocked ReMix — right here.

Congrats, bro!

* chortle chortle chortle